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W maju 2015 został przeprowadzony szkolny konkurs na tekst hymnu projektu napisany po angielsku do melodii skomponowanej przez uczniów rumuńskich, która zwyciężyła w międzynarodowym konkursie w Barreiro w Portugalii. W finale konkursu znalazły się teksty napisane wspólnie przez członkinie zespołu The Reds,  Martynę Nowak, Małgorzatę Cieślikowską i Maję Wrzodak oraz indywidualnie przez Olgę Chechłacz, Briana Boniniego i Aleksandrę Kowalczyk. W konkursie zwyciężył tekst dziewcząt z zespołu The Reds.

Martyna Nowak, Małgorzata Cieślikowska i Maja Wrzodak (The Reds)
Having fun
meet someone
see new places
with smiling faces.
New adventure
it's a new begining
we are having chance
that's a crazy feeling.
We meet new cultures
and show who we are
cause imagination
can go so far.
Ref: Having fun...
Play with us
and sing along
don't be afraid that
something goes wrong.
Express yourself
on the stage
no matter what
is your age.
Ref: Having fun...
Try to open mind
that`s the way to find
lovely world of art
which will burn your heart
Ref: Having fun...
Belgium and Portugal and Spain
Slovakia and Romania
Lithuania, Poland, Italy,
Turkey, Finland, we will see... together.
Ref: Having fun...
And even if we're from different parts of the continent
our friendship will never end!!

Olga Chechłacz
Thoughts haven't the end
And they still extend
So that's what I recommend

Sit on the ground
Look into your heart
Do you still keep there a child?

Therein lies the force
Creativity source
Never get with this divorce

Collect lots of stars
Put them in big jars
They will keep your trust.

Brian Bonini

everybody is here everybody is near keep calm and relax
this is our life through the world entire
we are having fun!

So go don’t stop to roll
let's scream it all
how can you - loud!
Erasmus plus Erasmus plus Erasmus pluuuuus!!!

sit and sing with me feel completely free, this is how could be
come and rise your heart, fly your soul like bird
don’t be such a nerd!!

So go don’t stop to roll
let's scream it all
how can you - loud!
Erasmus plus Erasmus plus Erasmus pluuuuus!!!

Aleksandra Kowalczyk
If you have good day
if you'd like to sing.
Let's go out and sing with us!
If you want to join
if you want to go.
Let'sgo fast with us.

If you chant and hum
or play an instrument.
Let's go out and sing with us!
Paint and draw the view
wherever you are now
Have fun all this days.

Let's make music fun
drawing all your sites.
Dance and clap your hands.
Let's together make
our countries fun.
Meeting here today

Martyna Nowak, Małgorzata Cieślikowska i Maja Wrzodak:
Olga Chechłacz: Bonini: wykonanie

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